EXPATYS specialists work on projects of all types and sizes, from studies to construction, renovation and maintenance. Thanks to our tried and tested methods, our consultants can perform all construction project activities on time, within budget, and while protecting the environment.

Design offices

Like in our other areas of operation, our services for construction & public works companies include coordinating the various design offices working on a project. Our expert consultants will supervise the design offices. Their role will be to support the project owner from the design phase through completion of their project.

As such, you will be part of a team whose skills will complement our own.

Quantity surveying

We also offer quantity surveyor positions for construction & public works projects. In partnership with the rest of the team, your role will be to make sure that the client’s investment is carried out as planned and to provide the client with advice and expertise in this specific domain.


Architecture is another key aspect for putting together an effective team to support projects in the construction & public works industry.

As such, we employ experienced architects whose expertise will be used to support our clients. Here as well, you will collaborate with a full team, creating synergies between the different skills and specialities of each member.

In summary…

Our teams of expert consultants work on all project phases:

  • Feasibility studies
  • Pre-project studies
  • Consultation and invitations to tender
  • Detailed design studies
  • Construction
  • Project acceptance, testing
  • Maintenance, operations

We cover the following operations:

  • Project management and supervision
  • Project coordination and tracking
  • Supervision of architectural and technical work teams
  • Administration and maintenance of equipment
  • Installation and management of metrics
  • Implementation of HSE and quality procedures
  • Contract management
  • Administrative and financial project management