Assess your profile

The first piece of advice we have for future candidates is that they should correctly assess their profile: do you have the necessary training? Do you have enough experience? Do your skills and experience match the position you want? Can you adapt well and integrate into your future work team? If you answer yes to all these questions, it should eliminate your doubts about your capacity to apply (and succeed).

Moreover, accurately assessing your profile will give you the opportunity to engage in introspection, which will help you better know your professional self.

Have a good CV

If you correctly assess that you have the right profile, it is imperative for that to be clear in your CV. Your CV should highlight the training, the qualities, and the professional and personal experiences that will let us see for ourselves that you have the profile we are looking for. It would be a shame to overlook a valuable candidate simply because of a CV which does not highlight your abilities well enough and does not correctly reflect your personality as a whole and the qualities you can offer the company.

Highlight your assets during the interviews

Once you are certain you meet the criteria needed to obtain your desired position, and once your CV has received positive consideration, the third and last step is the interview phase.

We schedule interviews with you to confirm what your CV shows. Do not hesitate to give a relevant answer to each question.