Put your skills to use for various industries

The skills that we require from our experts can be put to use for various major industries. These include the automotive industry, for which we are seeking engineers specialised in the field, who will work on automation, research and development, and other areas.

Lastly, we work with design offices, for which we need designers, design engineers, etc.

Industrial engineering

With regard to industrial engineering, the experts that we are looking for may be specialised in plastics, production automation, or mechanics. These different domains require the expertise of consultants who will work with us on tasks such as machining, milling, or conversational programming.

Industrial maintenance and design

Lastly, we are setting up teams specialised in industrial maintenance and the design of machine tools. As such, we are looking for maintenance technicians, maintenance team managers, metrologists, and maintenance project managers.

We also work on designing special machines developed for the specific needs of a given company, which will require advanced expertise in the domain in question.