EXPATYS – consulting, assistance and temporary personnel in France and elsewhere around the world for your projects.

EXPATYS specialises in consulting, assistance, and providing temporary personnel in France and elsewhere around the world for your projects by assisting clients in their project management.

As a temporary staff agency, our work consists in leveraging all our expertise to help you conduct your business and develop your company. Our consultants enable you to bring real added value to your services and products through the development of your projects.

Our commitment to you is to select appropriate consultants for your projects that are immediately available and ready to jump on board.

Why choose EXPATYS?

EXPATYS enables you to develop all or part of the expertise you need by outsourcing skills which are essential to your project.

While you remain the sole decision-maker, our expert consultants bring you all of their know-how and experience to develop your projects in logistics, engineering, services, maintenance, communications, and more. We can help you carry out all your projects under optimal conditions.

EXPATYS represents a short-term investment that will guarantee medium- and long-term profitability thanks to the assistance of our best expert consultants.

Building a true partnership together

Our rigour, experience and responsiveness enable us to build a true professional partnership with you.

You will move forward as efficiently as possible while mastering all of the most complex aspects of your projects thanks to the mutual exchange of experience and skills provided by our experts and fostered by our multidisciplinary nature. The individual skills of our consultants will help cultivate an indispensable synergy. This true partnership and professional advice are the key to your very own success.