How do we select our consultants?

First, we make sure your educational background, experience and references fit the area in which you wish to work. Then, we conduct interviews to confirm your profile. We also apply a number of tests, namely via a trade-specific reference system. Our assessment solutions allow us to be certain that our expert consultants will provide our clients the right solutions and maintain excellent relations with them. We also systematically consult references, according to the profession’s work ethics.

What is the integration process?

To help our consultants work with our clients, we are determined to implement an optimal integration process.

As an EXPATYS employee, you will be our ambassador to our client. It is important for us to assist you as you settle in and perform your assignment.

Our solutions to promote our consultants’ work

To best promote your work, we seek first and foremost to have a good understanding of your background and expectations.    We want to set our experts up for success by promoting their expertise within the framework of their assignment and allowing them to strive toward their professional goals.

EXPATYS’ number one clients are its consultants, which is why their satisfaction in their work environment is one of our priorities. At the end of the assignment, we review your experience together in order to assess your level of integration in the position, the scope of the work, the project’s completion, etc., always with the goal of better assessing your needs and career path.